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How Can Automotive Dealers Improve The Website’s SEO Score?

Merely, taking a car dealership and opening the showroom won’t bring the customers. Instead, the auto dealers need to advertise about the vehicles they sell and launch the car dealership marketing campaign.

To better market the products and services, the car dealers jump on to the digital marketing that includes SEO, SMO, SMM, paid search and pretty more. Among all, SEO (Search engine optimization) service is considered as the most effective way to enhance the visibility on the webbed world.


According to a research, “The Internet would remain #1 source for the customers to make vehicle buying decision and the time customers spend on the Internet for the same would continue to uplift.

It indicates building the online presence that helps auto dealers to create a major breakthrough, must be remarkable.

Here, the five tips are provided that will give a leg up to the car dealership marketing:

  • Craft user optimized website

The customer left the website with an experience which decides whether they will return back or not. Design the website that’s easy to navigate and delight the customer that actually help the automotive dealers stand out in the market.

Also, keep the optimum content on the main page, include meta description, tags, and headers, and add the contact information, which boosts up the website ranking and make it easy to get connected with the car dealers.

  • Seize an edge with quality content

There are numerous dealers who are using automotive SEO services to increase the customer outreach and sales. To leapfrog the competitors, the car dealers need to update the website content, create blogs or update inventory after regular intervals.

The customers are interested in browsing the website unless it displays the new information about local events, upcoming model launch, charity opportunities or other news. Don’t forget to incorporate the same.

  • Optimize the content for mobile

Go responsive as 60% of Internet traffic comes from the mobile, which suggests that your customers are also searching for the vehicle that you sell on mobile. Make your website mobile optimized to let the customers find your services and zero in the buying decision on mobile itself.

  • Don’t forget schema mark-up

According to a  research, “The websites are ranked 4 positions up in the search engine from those websites that don’t leverage the schema mark-up.”

For years, the car dealers are using schema for the best Automotive SEO services to enable the search engine crawlers better understand the website content like- inventory, address, phone number, reviews through coding. The feature uplifts the ranking and clicks through rates.

  • Earn more citations

The studies had proven that the customers who use the Internet to buy an automobile, 8 out of the 10 customers use third-party sites. It implies listing the dealership’s address and name on the local listing, business directories, or other website would help you in aggregating more citations, which means more leads in the funnel.

The takeaway

Car dealership marketing has become a part and parcel for the auto dealers that’s if done rightly outranking the competitors will not be a big deal. The aforementioned SEO tips are the another feather in the marketing cap, which if followed, never let the car dealers down. So, get ready to strategics your SEO plan to ascertain the future success now as it won’t bring rewarding results overnight.


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