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Top 7 Smart Tactics For Auto Dealers To Boost The Sales

The days are not gone when the customers like to step inside the auto dealers showroom and want to test drive the car before purchasing it. The offline activity still continues, but the technology advancement changing the scenario at the fast pace.

Now, the online presence is influencing and increasing the customers spending on cars by 65%. The statistic illustrates that customers are using multiple channels and investing more time online to browse and shop for the car.


The uplifting weight of the online resources in the consumer’s mind, as opposed to the traditional resources like newspaper ads, templates and more, are compelling the auto dealerships to go digital way. This gave the birth to responsive dealer websites. They are anticipated to fuel up the sales and bottom line in 2017.

Are you gear up to gain grounds on the target audience by reacting strategically to the shifts observed in the auto industry? If so, you can meet up the absolute priority embracing following tactics:

  • Drive vehicle sales with email marketing

Though the email marketing is the most common and obsolete form of the automotive digital marketing, but still it’s practiced. It’s highly used to impress, engage and acquire the customers. However, making a space into the buyers’ inbox and let them read the message is a daunting task. That’s where personalized email comes in where the custom emails are sent to the customers based on the demographics, interest, and lifestyle.

Furthermore, under email marketing, video emails, newsletters, or car buying tips can be sent to assist the vehicle buyer zero in the decision to one with a great ease. Additionally, email tracking is another way to assess the email recipient’s reactions.

  • Engineer responsive dealers websites

All the automotive digital marketing activities like- email, social posts or video upload that the auto dealership is executing, is to land the audience to the dealers’ website and experience the vehicles digitally.

The online presence is the reflection of the services and products auto dealership offer. It makes ensuring the impeccable website performance across myriad of platforms and multitude of devices a must-have.

According to the vehicle shopper path to purchase research survey, to browse the information related to the automobiles, the customers largely prefer dealers’ websites.

  • Optimize the online presence

Building online presence with responsive website development is a good practice, but making the website top the search engine ranking charts is not a breeze. Uploading fresh content which holds the value and intrigues the target audience is analyzed by the search engines and the crawlers push such websites to the top.

When the website content is search engine optimized, then the chances of getting visible to the automobile buyers who are searching for the services you provide will get increased.

70% of the users click on the website link that comes at first in the organic search results.

The single click shoots up the traffic, leads, and sales. Grab the golden opportunity. Don’t miss!

  • Leverage social power

In the last decade, the social media channels have turned out to be the biggest medium to enhance the auto dealership awareness globally. Be it a Facebook with 1.71 billion users, Twitter with 300 million users, Instagram with 400 million users, LinkedIn with 450 million users and so on, all are making a great contribution to let the auto dealerships witness a grand success. See how?

When the useful content is posted on the social media that not only catch the eyeballs, while smooth the customer’s buying journey with a vivid illustration of car features, accessories, payment and suggestions, then leads, sales and loyalty will automatically get increased.

  • Personalized marketing 

Bombardment of the same messages to the audience of varied demographics, region, and language is not a result-driven strategy. Segmenting the customer data is a difficult job. Thanks to the big data analytics, that has organized the data at the flick of the switch.

The holistic approach of sending tailored messages to the customers with the 360® view bring in more visitors to the website who will be actually interested in buying the car.

For instance: Why Mr. John is not going to spend time in reading and browsing the information about sports car when they are no more interested in buying it.

  • Be available on review sites

The reviews and ratings about the auto dealerships on the third party websites are still a dominating factor when the customers make buying decisions.

There are multiple review websites like Google+ local, Yelp,, Yahoo and Edmunds which customers check and compare to exact whether the auto dealer is trying to trick them with fake reviews. It has become imperative to cultivate the online presence by making the customers leave the feedback over review websites.

The positive reviews are actually driving the buyers 100 miles closer to you. How about the negative review? You will let us know.

  • Turn to digital advertising

The USA stands as a global leader in the automotive digital ad spending with 179 billion dollar ROI in 2016.  This will increase in the future. The digital advertising is offering the lucrative opportunity to the auto dealers to influence the customers’ decision at various touch points.

For instance, when the customer is searching for the services you offer they will find you through Google ads, or when they are surfing on any social platform, the ad relevant to their interest gets displayed in front of them.


Saying that opportunities are limited to grab on – is a wrong statement, if auto dealers state. Yes, but it’s true that getting ahead of the pack in the blood-thirsty competition is tough. That’s where 7 digital strategies would be a panacea that persuades the target customers to make a purchase before stepping into the showroom and fuel up the sales. What’s your take? All set to embrace the intelligent tactics? Let us know your views in the comments below.


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