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How Can You Bring Customers In Confidence With Responsive Website?

It comes to no surprise that car shoppers like to test drive the car alongside browsing the car on-the-go. But, both have their downsides.

According to a research survey, “99% of the buyers when step inside the showroom less often trust what the salesperson say.” On the other hand, the poor digital experience is turning away the shoppers to the competitors. So, what to do?

70% of the automobile shoppers browse the vehicles online before making a buying decision.


It implies quit wasting your time from where the customers are drifting away is a smart choice. The very next thing is to craft responsive auto dealer website that engages the customers and builds their trust. There are a few tips that you should follow for the best user experience:

  • Focus on website design

The website design creates an ever-lasting impression on the customers’ mind when they first landed on the website. When so many features are placed on the website, then it creates a mess that makes the users close the website quickly. Additionally, the images should not be too large that takes too much time to load, otherwise, it won’t engage the users.

The Hub spot stats supporting the facts are:

  • Two out of the three people prefer to read the content if it’s beautifully designed.
  • 40% of people stop engaging when the website images take too long to load.
  • 51% of the people stay on the website for a longer time if the website offers seamless navigation.

Make your auto dealer design perfect to empower customers’ engagement and increase the leads.

  • Add A Personal Touch To The Website

Providing the vehicle’s test drive experience to the customers virtually on the website is back-breaking for the auto dealerships. Just like the vehicle’s test drive, the auto dealers also do the A/B testing to identify what customer likes the most.

The testing gives the vivid picture of customers’ preference and then tailoring the website as per the customers’ anticipation uplift the conversion rate. Besides, you should include the contact number, email IDs, and social links so that the customers can easily connect with you.

According to the KoMarketing study, “51% of the customers think contact information is the most important missing element from the company websites and 44% of the website visitors left the website when there is no contact information.”

Also, the reviews or testimonials add credibility and trustworthiness to the auto dealerships.

  • Ensure The Usability

Systematically organizing the numerous features on the website page doesn’t mean all of them are useful to the customers. Keeping such functionalities on the intuitive car dealer website design actually creates the confusion that distracts the user and sometimes, eats away their trust.

Ensure only those features to be added that customers expect and smooth their browsing journey throughout the website.

Note: Sometimes, the auto dealers include the pop-ups or fly-overs to upsurge the leads and conversion rate, which is good up to some extent. But, when the features start ruining the usability factor and weakening the dealer customers relationship, then you should not keep them.

  • Be genuine with the content displayed

Making fancy promises to the customers to bring them to the showroom is not a good practice at all. Many dealers display ads of lesser rates to make the customers land on the website. But, when the customers find the difference in the amount displayed, their faith gets shaken.


Not just the ads, while the content displayed site wide must be consistent with no disparity. When the transparency is maintained in everything displayed on the website from car’s mileage to the discount offered on the particular car, then at the time of purchase in the showroom, the shoppers blindly trust in what you are saying.

The closing thoughts

When the visitors are first browsing your website that means they have firstly stepped into your digital showroom. Now, it depends upon the virtual experience the website will deliver that visitors get turned into a potential customer or not.

The responsive auto dealers websites is significant to bring the customers to the showroom, strengthen their relationships, fix the issue, if any exists and most importantly, take hold of increasing share of tech-savvy audience.

Don’t hang fire to increase the footfall and fuel up the sales with advanced auto dealer website.


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