Automotive Digital Marketing

5 Checks To Quantify Your Website SEO Is Up To The Mark

Auto dealers’ website is the virtual presence of the dealership where the easy navigation, bespoke UI, and best functionalities appeal the users. The all would go into the trash if the website is not found by the visitors. There the importance of automotive SEO services grows by multi-folds so that huge investment in the website development won’t goes into the vain.

The mistakes that you may have committed in 2016 in the website SEO cannot be rectified by going into the past, but certainly, you can learn a lot from them and make sure they will not be repeated again in 2017. It’s a starting of a new year where new expectations of the customers and ever-changing search engine algorithms are waiting for you.


Search engine optimization of the dealership website plays a vital role in landing the website at the top of the stack. It’s anticipated that a lot more changes the year 2017 will bring to the website SEO for which the auto dealers need to get all set.

Here, we have enlisted all the preparations that you need to do to keep the website SEO optimized as per the upcoming standards:

  • Design schema mark up

You might have heard a ton about the old phenomena that’s the creation of schema mark up. Before digging in depth to know its importance, let’s understand what is it?

The schema is a code structure that assists the search engine crawlers in comprehending the website, content and its purpose, which search engines appreciate because it’s helping the bots to quickly decide the ranking of the website in the search results.

Furthermore, the Google’s quick answers feature is getting famous in search results. The content the feature need is also provided by the coding done for the schema mark up.

  • Modification in the search results

To gain a high traction of the users in the market, different search engines are trying their hands on different features. For instance, some of the search engines are facilitating the users to type in a query without any word limit.

Google has also taken such initiative to delight the businesses by extending the limit of characters in title and meta descriptions so that they can sell the services finely.

One more, Google has brought significant changes to the way the search results are displayed by showcasing a result box at the top of the organic results that contains an image and information as an answer to the users’ question.

  • Website performance

An essential factor that can make or break the website ranking position will remain at the top in 2017 as well. Every time, the search engines have changed the algorithm, but this factor has remained there.

The ideal time for the website to load is 1-3 seconds and if it takes more time, the influence over a number of visits, conversion rate, and site abandonment rate can be easily observed.

This mainly applies to the mobile optimized website where users browse the website in a hurry and if the images of vehicles and text load at slow speed, it ruins the experience, and users immediately switch to another. Search engine bots keep an eye over this element and accordingly either pull down or push up the auto dealership website in SERP.

  • Create enduring value

Presently, the customers like to view and read the quality content that delivers value. Ensure the content published on the website in the form of blogs, articles or press release, must be relevant to the services you offer.

Search engines acknowledge the websites whose content builds trust and authority, instead of trick the users. Also, upload the content that’s advantageous for the currents users and future visitors.

  • PPC is also a good idea

The research studies had proven that the customers looking for your dealership on the search engines, they like to see the advertisements at the top of the organic results. It signifies the website can opt for PPC alongside SEO.


When the website appears in the top position with SEO and also in the PPC ads, the impact of the combo will be stupendous. The automotive digital marketing helps the dealership lure in more customers.

The last word…

The importance of automotive SEO services needs no explanation once you are pretty aware of the prominence of SEO for the website. No matter you are taking care of the website SEO at your own or employed the professionals, but these five points aid you in measuring whether the website will be able to stand out or not in the SERP. It’s time to fix the mistakes you did in 2016. Get on the journey to bring iconic success to the dealership with the best website SEO.


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