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5 Key Elements Of The Car Dealer Website That Cannot Be Overlooked

No car dealer needs to be educated about the importance of having an online presence. The dealers’ website is essential, but that’s not everything. The websites are built to drive customers and sell the vehicles. And, if the website is not able to gain the required user traction, then it hints the website is not well-equipped. There is something missing. What’s that?

5 Essentials That Automotive Dealer Website Should Have

Here is the list of all the important aspects that the website should have to not put the customers off to the competition.

  • Responsive Web Design

Don’t mistake by thinking that having a website developed means the users are browsing it. The time has changed. Now a days, the users browse the sites more on the mobile or tablet in their hand, so making the website works perfectly on all the devices is all-important.

Not having a mobile-friendly website means most of the users are getting annoyed when they land to your website and leave the website with a bad impression of your car dealership. Ensure the website is responsive wherein all the content gets easily fit and display impeccably on every screen size.

Additionally, Google also loves the responsive auto dealer websites and consider it as an important factor to rank the website on the top. Take the responsive design as an advantage to rank high up the website over mobile-unfriendly competitors.

  • Dealership’s Relevant Information

The user browsing your website may get interested in the automobile you sell and want to connect with you. It’s good to display the contact information, location, opening hours and email address at the place that’s easily perceived by the users and they can easily get hold of you.

To get easy access, it’s recommended to display the contact number at the top of the website pages. When the users want to take a test drive, they certainly look for the address of the car dealers, so let them easily locate your showroom along with the directions by showcasing the address in text and on the Google map.

Explicitly illustrating the opening hours and holidays makes it easy for the customers to know when the showroom remain open. Plus, to keep pace with digital customers, including email address or contact detail form is also good through which users can easily interact with dealers by sending an email.

  • Landing Pages That Convert

The element works for the dealers if they are selling a range of vehicles. Enlisting the complete stock on a single landing page is difficult for the customers to browse. Here, the creation of the different landing pages according to vehicles category, manufacturer or brand makes the vehicle searching easy and gives a professional look to the dealership.

Create different landing pages to ensure the users can easily view the stock and search the vehicle they are in the pursuit of, in no time. Even, there are SEO benefits of creating separate landing pages, that’s if the landing page has included right search terms and tagged with the right title tag, then the chances of those terms’ high-ranking get increased.

  • Automobile Images

The images are the key aspect that intrigues the users and users like to see the plenty of images of the car. They never get tired after watching numerous images of the car. Upload the myriad of the pictures of the car from the front, from the back, from the inside of the car, and from the different angles. Also, the close-up images can be included.

Remember, adding just a single image of the car annoys the users. So, when you advertise, keep the practice of including the ample of images that delight the users.

  • Vehicle Enquiry Form

The customers ask questions only when they are interested in the product. Providing contact detail is a way they can connect with dealers, but there are some users who want to communicate by filling an enquiry form. Let them ask the queries they have in regards to the automobiles and the services you offer. The car dealers can keep the enquiry form on the ad details page.


Making the most out of the customers’ insights through actionable decisions drives the customers to the dealer’s showroom. The responsive car website design, plenty of images, different landing pages, contact information, and vehicle enquiry form are some of the key aspects that car dealers have to focus on, in order to skyrocket the business with happy customers.

To stand out in the market, and capturing the customers and their wallet is not a piece of the cake. Don’t sit idle after engineering an auto dealer website. Identify what customers are looking for and make the changes accordingly. If you find it an arduous task, get connected with Potenza Auto dealer Solutions team to make things done easily.


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