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How Can You Master The Art Of Automotive Website Designing?

To stay ahead of the game, the responsive dealer websites for auto dealers has become a part and parcel of the business. It is a no-brainer to discuss the importance of going online because it’s a way to cater the tech savvy audience needs, improve traffic to the dealership and increase the conversion rate.

Art Of Automotive Website Designing

The website is the virtual presence of the dealership where the seamless navigation, user flow, and design elements guide the customers like a virtual salesperson. Designing the impeccable responsive website is a must where user-friendliness must be woven to get the success.

But, less often, the auto dealers are able to create the digital presence that appeals the customers because they overlook a few important things. Here, 7 tips are enlisted that aids you get the best car dealer website:

  • Hire professional designers

Handing over the project to the best developers won’t work because only the designers having a great knack in graphics designing, layout and animation can craft the excellent web design, which please the customers.

Choose The Professional Designer

  • Inability to find out flaws

You have finally decided to build the new website because the existing website is unable to bring a good number of leads and scoring low on conversion. Without knowing what the flaws are in the current website, revamping the website will be of no use as when the auto dealers are unaware of the errors on the website how they can rectify the mistakes.

It’s better to first scrutinize and the make a list of all the positive and negative points of the website, before executing the website rebuilding plan.

  • Timeline- Let it be practical!

Many auto dealers expect the website design to get completed in a matter of days and set the unrealistic deadlines, which is completely wrong. The website designing is the most creative part of the development that’s responsible for catching the eyeballs and holding the users’ attention, which can never be accomplished in the rush. Set achievable goals for the website designing.

  • Set the scope

Defining the work scope at first before kicking-off the designing project is essential to avoid any conflict at the end. When both parties- the designers and the auto dealers have a clear understanding of what to design within a specified time intervals, then website design becomes plain-sailing.

  • Backend management system

Just the way cars cannot be run without an engine, the automotive websites cannot be handled unless there is a content management system in place. The CMS is necessary to better control and manage the inventory, content or images on the website and users. Don’t ignore the importance of a backend management system.

  • Host the website on your own domain

Sometimes, the auto dealers in an effort to save dollars display the auto inventory on family or friends’ websites at free. This is the blunder mistake if they commit because there will be no search engine optimization, customer support and be bringing leads down the funnel is possible. Instead of enjoying the freebies, get partnered with the website development team and engineer a car dealer website.

  • Keep the website up-to-date

It’s an industry standard that the website should undergo redesigning after every two years to keep up with the changing design trends and the customers. Also, the website flow should correlate with the user engagement so that users won’t abandon the website after first stepping on the website.


Building the car dealer solutions is a great way to be available in the digital world and make the user come inside the dealership to test drive the car. Certainly, it’s possible only when the website is able to impress the visitors to a level that after browsing the vehicle on the website, they would look for the dealership contact details or address.

Design the car dealer website like carving a portrait with a great precision where a single flaw may drift away the potential customers.


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