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How Can Car Dealerships Influence Buying Decision With Social Media Strategies?

Not just the responsive website development, but the car dealership marketing through social channels also plays a vital role in increasing traffic volume, sales, and ROI at the dealership.

A few facts supporting the same:

  • 70% of the car buyers browse the dealership social media website before selecting a car dealership.
  • 50% of the automotive shoppers look at the online reviews on social platforms about the dealership former visiting the dealership.
  • 25% of the car buyers leverage social media prior to the next car purchase.

All the finding reveals one thing that’s integrating social channels into the marketing strategy is all-important to generate leads, improve customer engagement, and uplift the conversion rate. The automotive behemoths who have leveraged the social strategy in the right manner are enjoying the advantages in abundance with intense social selling.

10 Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Want to know how the efficient car dealer solutions and the right social media strategy can boost up the dealership growth and revenue? Here are the social media techniques that can be employed:

  • Illustrate your brand story

Social channels are no longer remained a medium to post the content and advertise the offerings. It’s a great platform to personalize the brand so that the users can easily connect with the brand. This is possible through storytelling wherein the dealership can represent what the brand is and start interacting with the customers. The shared experiences on the social sites nurtures the deep relationship with the customers.

  • Begin two-way communication

Storytelling, posting content and sharing images is good, but not responding to the user’s questions, complaints or comments is devastating. The dealership must acknowledge the user’s activities, answer their questions or resolve the complaints with satisfactory response in a couple of hours or minutes, as customers appreciate the quick actions. Also, these are the best opportunities to start communicating with the users and make them visit the dealership to buy a new car.

  • Make contest or promotion highly visible

Simply posting the contest to promote the sales and promotion won’t catch more eyeballs. Instead, the content for the particular contest or promotions to post on the social sites must be creative and engaging which intrigues the users and make them glance at once. Make the content blatant.

  • Fuel up social reviews posting

A lot of researches have revealed that the customers are more likely to visit the social sites to view the reviews posted by the existing customers. Encourage the customers to post the reviews on social channels, and never let the comments slip through the cracks because the negative reviews catch the customer’s attention swiftly and may damage the online repo.

  • Target the customers

Making a reach to the target audience with social channels is easier when the users are browsing the social sites. Then, why not to reach the customers with the personalized advertisement based on the user’s geography, interest in a specific vehicle, gender and age. This is a notable approach and a worthy investment to make the visitors click the ads.

  • Drive sales

Bringing the leads down the sales funnel can also be accomplished through social platforms like- tweeting the customers about a car with direct messages or advertising; sharing a picture of the car on Instagram which lets customers imagine themselves in the moment; appealing the female shopper on Pinterest with a landing page, vehicles image or blog posts.

  • Video marketing

In the car marketing, the vehicle detail, several images, safety features, model comparisons and pretty more are included, but not the car video.

According to a research, 85% of the car shoppers like to view the video of the car they want to buy. It helps them comprehend the information about vehicle easily and YouTube is the best platform to host the videos embedded into the website to upsurge the organic visibility.

The final words…

Getting social is the guaranteed way of increasing the brand visibility, drive traffic, and the ultimate sales. What all the automotive dealers need is the result-driven social strategy and stay committed to maintaining it. The auto dealers should build the social credibility and engage the audience with social window to leapfrog the competition without re-inventing the wheels.

Gear up to improve the marketing services leveraging social? If so, join hands with Automotive SEO services and SMO services that help dealers from bringing visitors to a dealership to the car buying.


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